Purespark Argon Purifier

Designed and manufactured in Germany

The rare gas purification system for any type of optical emission spectrometers

The rare gases are obtained from using different methods and afterward transfer to tankers or cylinders to distribute among various applications. The inert gases in every step of production, transfer and distribution might be contaminated by oxygen, nitrogen, moisture, or other impurities.

More than 30 years of experience on 2000 arc/spark optical emission spectrometers and vacuum chambers led to develop the purification system to remove argon gas impurities as an independent portable system at the consumption point for any application which requires high purity of argon gas.

Purespark argon purifier is used to meet the requirementsof metallurgy laboratories for spark optical emission spectrometry for the metal analysis, inductively coupled plasma analysis and gas chromatography analysis as carrier gas with high purity, flushing/filling vacuum chambers for keeping at near atmospheric pressure and the 3D metal printing process which takes place in an inert protective gas atmosphere for manufacturing metallic components made of titanium alloy.


  • Simple push-to-connect
  • Quick connect couplings
  • Long-life absorbent tubes
  • Double shell flexible hoses
  • Suitable for any gas flowrate
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Automatic temperature controller

Principle & Process

The argon gas purifier equipped with two independent furnaces each of which has a specific and separate function.

The main impurities in argon gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen absorb at temperature between 450°C and 800°C by furnace one. The chemical reactions occur through 2 in 1 absorbent tube which contains zirconium + aluminum-oxide.

The moisture and carbon dioxide absorb at the ambient temperature by the molecular sieve tube. The moisture absorbent tube is embedded in second furnace which makes the regeneration process possible for many times.

The Greensilver Purespark Argon purifier system made in Germany


  • Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) spark analyzers – argon gas purifier for the metal analysis
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and gas chromatograph analyzers – rare gas purifier for the carrier gas with high purity
  • Vacuum chambers – rare gas purifier for flushing/filling the chamber for keeping at near atmospheric pressure
  • Metal 3D printing process – Argon gas purifier as protective gas atmosphere for manufacturing metallic components
  • Anywhere there is need for pure rare gases
Control panel of the Greensilver Purespark Argon purifier system made in Germany
Quick connect couplings of the Greensilver Purespark Argon purifier system made in Germany
Long life absorbent tubes of the Greensilver Purespark Argon purifier system made in Germany

Control panel

Automatic temperature controller consists of thermocouples and thermal sensors which grant multiple safety alarm levels.

The LCD indicator displays the temperature of each furnace at every second.


Quick connect couplings made of 316L stainless steel provide secure sealing for purification system.

Just push the plug into the socket for simple and safe connection. This reduces connection time and avoid any leakage.


High volume of absorbent tubes increased the capacity of removing impurities.

The lifetime of absorbent tubes estimates 5 years continuously by following Greensilver recommended rules.

Technical specification

Impurities removed

Moisture, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrocarbons, CO, CO2

Temperature controller system

Automatic with multiple safety alarm levels

Furnaces warming up time
Furnace 1
Furnace 2

25 minutes
15 minutes

Working room temperature

5 °C – 45 °C

Maximum pressure bar

15 bar

Maximum flow

20 l/m

Gas output purity

< 3 ppm

Gas inlet/outlet connections

Quick connect couplings,

Power supply

220 V – 1.2KW – 50 Hz

Dimensions (h/w/d)

520mm x 460 mm x 300 mm


28.5 Kg

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