Röntgen Fluoreszenz System Prospector von GNR

G.N.R. is proud to introduce the new ProSpector, the latest XRF system to join our family of portable, Energey Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer systems. Like all G.N.R. products, this portable, handeld EDXRF elemental analysis system is designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

The system utilizes a 7.2 Vdc Li-ion battery. Under normal use, it has an operating time of 8 hours before charging is required. The new ProSpector operates at a high voltage of 40 kV but can be set for up to 50 kV, and has a detectable range of Cl to U. The light element option has a detectable range from Mg to U. The G.N.R. ProSpector operates under control of the HP iPAQ PDA with 4-inches high resolution touch-screen display, providing high flexibility and usability of the system.

The optional lab stand allows using the new ProSpector as a laboratory grade instrument under PC or laptop control.

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