optischer emissions Spektrometer Minilab von GNR

The MINILAB is available in two models, the MINILAB 150 and MINILAB 300. These have been designed as an affordable desktop spectrometers yet still providing excellent analytical performance. The 150 and the 300 refer to the optical path length. Both have a high repetition source and use the Metallab32 software – the same software as in used in the bigger models such as the Atlantis and the Metal Lab Plus. In the UK, USA and Scandinavia, the software also has the additional certification and SPC program where complete customer certificates can be produced. The spectrometers come calibrated for one or more material bases (e.g. Fe, Al, Cu etc).

These spectrometers use an argon atmosphere and to maintain this, only a very small amount of argon is used. Both have a programmable multi frequency source unit. Our service and support is provided from the UK as we have done for the last 25 years on various makes of spectrometers.