Röntgen Diffraktions System Explorer von GNR

The EXPLORER high resolution diffraction system incorporates the high efficiency of the direct drive torque motors controlled by optical encoders, allowing to reach an angular accuracy of 0.00001°.
Thanks to the modularity, all the hardware components can be changed allowing seven five independent degrees of freedom and investigations on a whole range of powders, bulk materials and thin layers.
EXPLORER offers solutions for a wide range of analytical requirements, from routine crystalline phase identification and quantification, crystallite size/lattice strain and crystallinity calculations, retained austenite quantification, polymorph screening, crystal structures analysis, to residual-stress analysis, thin films, depth profiling, non-ambient analyses, phase transition, textures and preferred orientation, nanoparticles.
The optics permit switches between Bragg-Brentano, focusing and parallel beam geometry using Johansson or parabolic mirror monochromators.
The coupling between a parabolic mirror monochromator and a channel-cut crystal mounted on the incident beam allows to realise a monochromatic parallel beam with high intensity and low divergence, suitable for high resolution measurements.

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