APD 2000 Pro

Röntgen Diffraktions System APD 2000 Pro von GNR

APD 2000 PRO Diffractometer is an X-ray equipment for analyzing the structure of a material from the scattering pattern produced when an X-ray beam interacts with the sample.
Powder diffraction is a technique used to characterize the crystallographic structure, crystallite size and orientation in polycrystalline or powdered solid samples.
Powder diffraction is commonly used to identify unknown substances comparing diffraction data and it may also be used to characterize heterogeneous solid mixtures to determine relative abundance of crystalline compounds.

APD 2000 PRO diffractometer is designed to be the best solution for phase and structural analysis of powder samples, using the well known Bragg-Brentano geometry.
Fields of application include: environment, soil/rocks, clay, minerals, ceramic, cements, glasses, petroleum, catalyst, polymers, agricultural science, biosciences, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, forensic analysis.

APD 2000 Pro
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