Röntgen Diffraktions System ARE X von GNR

AREX is a complete automated instrument for retained austenite measurement according to ASTM E 975 – 03.
Accurate measurement of the retained austenite content is important in the development and control of a heat treatment process.
X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is the only method available that can accurately determine retained austenite contents down to 0.5 volume percent.



  • In compliance with ASTM E 975 – 03
  • High stability X-ray generator through precision feedback control circuits
  • Automatic ramp of the high voltage and emission current to preset values
  • High power and brilliant glass and ceramic Mo X-ray tubes: 60 kV
  • High focussing mono-capillary collimator
  • 2θ range: 27 to 40°
  • Sample holder: 110 mm x 150 mm
  • High resolution CCD fast detector
  • Acquisition time < 5 min
  • Radiation enclosure with double safety circuit
  • Calibration included
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